Bread.  The staff of life.  Where would we be without it? Join us and celebrate Real Bread Week (24 February – 4 March 2018).

A celebration of local, independent bakeries and home bakers, Real Bread Week is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the impact bread has on our lives.

As caterers, we are most grateful for our daily bread – and we’re lucky that Norfolk has a growing community of independent bakeries.

“Without bread all is misery,” said journalist William Cobbett (1763-1835), while American cook Julia Childs asked how a nation could be great if its bread tasted like Kleenex.

There’s a world of difference between mass-produced bread and bread from artisan and craft bakeries.  And so we’d urge you to seek out your local independent bakery – and taste the difference.

And if that inspires you to get baking then so much the better! Visit the Real Bread Week website for advice, support and recipes.


It’s unfortunate that bread has become ‘demonised’ to the point where it is now fashionable to go ‘gluten free’, as evidenced by the boom in ‘free from’ foods.

However, it’s important to be aware that only 1 in 100 suffer from coeliac disease (an auto immune disease).  Indeed, cutting out bread and the like from your diet if you suspect you have a gluten intolerance is not the way to get correctly diagnosed according to Coeliac UK, who offer online advice on getting diagnosed.


Eat bread as part of a balanced diet and you’ll benefit.  Bread is a valuable source of calcium for healthy bones and teeth, foliates for healthy red blood cells, iron and fibre – as well as being low in fat and sugar.

So use your loaf – and give real bread a try.

Further facts, information and inspiration: