“A really informal wedding, laid back, festival style” – if this sounds like your dream day then read on to ensure your plans don’t backfire!

Firstly – it’s essential that you understand that however relaxed and informal you want your wedding day vibe to be, now is not the time to be relaxed about the arrangements!  Unless you’re cool with chaos, you’re still going to have to be organised!

Outdoor, festival style celebrations are without doubt hugely popular.  And if that’s what you fancy our advice is to get stuck into some serious planning – to ensure it’s a day to remember for all the right reasons.

“Informal is a word we’re hearing a lot these days,” says Expresso’s Roland Schreiber.

“Alternative wedding shows really inspire couples to do things differently and as far as we’re concerned there are no rules!

“However, regardless of the vibe you’re after, it’s important that people are well fed and watered. If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that your guests will be looking forward to eating and drinking.

“And while the idea of street food certainly seems to fit the bill when it comes to  informal wedding catering, believe me it takes more than a couple of hipster food trucks to deliver a true celebration feast.  Needless to say, formal or informal your wedding should have the wow factor – and great food can be a significant part of that.”

11 Informal Wedding Essentials

So, if you’re set on an informal wedding please, don’t overlook the following essentials:

Shelter – think wind, wasps, drizzle and heatwaves

Proper seating – hay bales can start to prickle!

Tables – will your Gran really be comfortable eating off her lap?

Good food – think proper plates and cutlery for starters! Festival-style boxed bites served out of an old horse box simply might not cut it.

Power – (more than you think you’ll ever need!) for lighting, loos, caterers, musicians etc

Bar staff (if you’re providing the drinks) – to serve, collect glasses, keep things tidy – and stay sober!

Drinks – the last thing you want to do is run out/disappoint – so planning is key!

Event staff – food trucks don’t lay tables, collect plates, clear away waste etc!

Decent loos – vital!

Refrigeration – drinks (and food) need to be kept chilled!

Waste disposal – there’ll be lots of rubbish – and you’ll probably be responsible for getting rid of it pronto!

Access – suppliers need drive-up access, guests need parking and taxis need to be able to pick up and drop off with ease

As experienced, professional Norfolk wedding caterers we know that the devil is in the detail!  So why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you create just the right vibe on your wedding day?


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11 Informal Wedding Essentials
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11 Informal Wedding Essentials
Dreaming of a laid-back, informal wedding - festival style? Read on to ensure your big day has the wow factor.
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