Are you enjoying a summer of love?  Can’t get enough of those sunshine-blessed, prosecco-filled weekends spent witnessing friends tying the knot in dreamy locations?

It’s certainly a great year to get married – and as Norfolk wedding caterers we’re busier than ever helping happy couples celebrate their big day.  But at the same time, we’re also busy meeting couples planning their weddings in 2019 – and 2020!

Time flies when you’re busy organising hen parties, shopping for wedding outfits, booking B&Bs and attending nuptuals in far flung corners of the country – and beyond.  But if you’re planning your own wedding then you need to get cracking!  Venues and recommended suppliers – such as wedding caterers – are filling their diaries fast for next year!

It takes time to view venues, discuss logistics, meet suppliers and co-ordinate availability – especially during the hectic wedding season when everyone is rushed off their feet! Be warned – if you’re not organised and able to make decisions, then you could end up going around in circles!

Even if you’re the ‘laid back’ type – wedding planning requires discipline.  In our view, the more ‘laid back’ you want your wedding to be, the more organised you need to be!

So, we’ve put together an easy-to-digest A to Z of elements to consider when planning your Norfolk wedding catering.

A to Z of Wedding Catering

A – allergies and intolerances: chances are your guests will have some, so bear this in mind when choosing a menu!!!

B – budget: be realistic about what things cost!  Trimming the guest list could make all the difference!

C – cake: not a fan of cake but would like something to ‘cut’? Consider a decorated tower of cheese that can be served later.

D – drinks: whether you want to provide the drinks or have a pay bar will impact on your options when it comes to venue hire.

E – electricity: us Norfolk wedding caterers can’t work without it – and we’ll need more than you think!

F – food: what style of food would you like?  Give this some thought before your meet with caterers.  Don’t be afraid to dodge the standard ‘sit down’ meal.

G – ‘go-to guy‘: an essential resource at any wedding.  Read our dedicated post on this!

H – hire: most Norfolk wedding caterers work in partnership with equipment hire specialists, who offer a vast choice of tableware – and do the washing up!

I – inside or outside: it’s a lovely idea to eat outside, but realistically you need to take into account the British weather!

J – “just really laid back”: someone still has to do the work remember!

K – knives and forks:  consider who is going to lay the tables and when!

L – last orders: ask your venue how late the bar can stay open and let your guests know!

M – menu: the sky’s the limit but your budget – and your imagination – will determine what’s possible!  Look to your Norfolk wedding caterer for inspiration!

N – night snack: a late-night bite is usually most welcome!

O – online: once you’ve done your initial online research you’ll need to arrange face to face meetings with key potential suppliers.  Quite frankly we think it’s madness to make big decisions without ever having met/spoken to someone in person!  And it’s arrogant to expect suppliers to spend time working up a quote when you can’t even be bothered to have a conversation with them.  Try doing that with tradesmen.

P – prep. space: your Norfolk wedding caterers will need space to work from – be that a catering tent, side room or venue kitchen.   Vehicular access is vital!

Q – quality: choose your Norfolk wedding caterer with care – you get what you pay for!  That’s all we’re saying.

R – refrigeration: vital, especially in summer!  ‘Fridges and chiller units can be easily hired in, just ask your caterer.

S – staff: a reputable wedding caterer will have a team of smart, experienced waiting/bar staff.

T – tidying up: professional event caterers will keep on top of the tidying and clearing from start to finish.

U – understanding: experienced Norfolk wedding caterers have a thorough understanding of how to delivery great food and service in venues of all shapes and sizes, so rely on them to make your day extra special!

V – venue: it’s vital you look beyond the bricks and mortar.  Study terms and conditions closely! You may be tied into using certain suppliers, or face restrictions and extra charges you’re simply not comfortable with or hadn’t expected.

W – waste: while your caterer should be happy to take away their own rubbish, don’t forget about other waste, for example empty bottles!

X – x-factor: it’s the difference between ‘so so’ caterers and true professionals.  You choose.

Y – yes: get used to making decisions!  Book key elements of your big day first (eg venue, celebrant and caterers), filling in the gaps later (photographer, band, florist etc).

Z – zebras unicorns, acrobats, fire eaters…and the rest.  Choose a theme by all means, but whatever you do, don’t leave your guests hungry!

Need to lie down in a dark room?  Leave it to the experts – call Expresso!

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