Happy Easter!  When it comes to eggs how do you like yours?

Here at Expresso we’re definitely free rangers – counting our chickens on our feathery friends at Wayland Eggs right here in Norfolk.

We get through a staggering number of eggs each week – what with all the breakfast muffins and baking we do – and that’s just in the café, never mind the cooking and baking we do for our outside catering customers!

Anyway, as it’s pretty impossible to avoid eggs in one shape or form at the moment, how about having a crack at our Easter Egg Quiz!

Eggs, True or False?

  1. If an egg lies flat in a bowl of water, it’s fresh
  2. The average hen lays fewer than 100 eggs a year
  3. The colour of the shell depends on the diet of the hen
  4. A single goose egg would set you back £17 in the supermarket
  5. A large egg contains just under 80 calories
  6. Ostrich eggs contain the equivalent of two dozen hens’ eggs
  7. Turkey eggs are not considered fit for human consumption
  8. Parrots sit on their eggs for up to 28 days before hatching
  9. In North America robins’ eggs are blue
  10. Washing eggs will remove any traces of salmonella bacteria present


  1. True; 2. False – it’s actually 250 – 270; 3. False – it’s to do with the breed; 4. False, it’s more like £7 each; 5. True; 6. True; 7. False; 8. True; 9. True; 10. False – the bacteria would be present inside the egg not on the outside.

If you’re out and about over the holidays we look forward to seeing you – we’re open every day, except Easter Sunday.




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Eggs! Can You Crack Our Easter Quiz?
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Eggs! Can You Crack Our Easter Quiz?
Have a crack at the our Easter eggs -themed quiz! Useful links to eggy know-how and local events too!
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