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Let your wedding catering reflect you!

Do I have to have a three-course meal?

Absolutely not – in fact in our experience catering for weddings in Norfolk, a three-course wedding meal is the exception rather than the rule these days.  The huge advantage of working with an independent Norfolk wedding catering company such as Expresso is that you’ll have as much flexibility as you wish – in contrast to the (often limited) options offered by many large hotels and wedding reception venues.

What are the alternatives to a three-course meal?

Your wedding catering in Norfolk can be as individual as you!

Why not consider canapés or a grazing table followed by a sumptuous table feast?  Or how about a luxury picnic or vintage afternoon tea?

Alternatively, you could make a hog roast the focal point of your wedding feast – think succulent, slow roast pork (don’t forget you can add other meats and vegetarian options too), along with big bowls of home-made salads and accompaniments.

When it comes to wedding catering what’s important is that you consider the time of day and the likely hunger levels of your guests.  Guests at an early afternoon wedding may have not had time for lunch, so by 4pm (and after a few drinks), they’ll be ravenous!  On the other hand, if you’re planning a late afternoon wedding followed by a hearty evening feast, then afternoon tea could be the perfect choice!

Norfolk wedding catering – how much will it cost?

Honestly?  How long is a piece of string!  Simply asking ‘how much will my wedding catering cost?’ is well, a bit like going to a garage and saying, ‘how much is a car?’

The only way we can give you a meaningful quote for your wedding catering is first of all to meet and talk through the options and your preferences.   Then, once we’ve discussed your plans and have a better idea of your tastes, we can work up a meaningful quote.

Don’t be afraid to say if you’re on a tight budget – that can save a lot of time if you’re upfront!

What do we need to budget for?

When you are budgeting for your Norfolk wedding catering there are, in addition to the cake, three main items you’ll need to consider:

Food costs – that’s the total cost of your menu (price per head x number of guests)

Equipment hire – everything your caterers will need that’s not provided by the venue.  Typically, this will be table linen, glasses, cutlery, crockery etc.

Staffing costs – i.e. the bar and waiting staff we’ll engage on your behalf.

Some of our guests have food allergies/intolerances, can you cater for them?

Of course!  In our role as Norfolk wedding caterers we’re used to catering for guests with special dietary requirements.

Can you serve our drinks and run our bar?

Absolutely.  Expresso Catering can also offer advice on the quantities you’re likely to need, as well as other things you’ll need to consider such as glasses and refrigeration.

We love vintage – how can we incorporate that into our wedding meal?

Vintage remains a popular wedding day theme and here at Expresso we have access to a fantastic array of vintage china.  What really sets us apart from other Norfolk wedding caterers is that if you opt for a full vintage afternoon tea party we’ll not charge you for the vintage china hire!

While vintage afternoon tea is a real wedding day winner, vintage lovers might also want to consider an alternative retro menu – if so then you can count on Expresso to deliver a true one-off vintage feast!

Alternatively, if you prefer just a hint of vintage then why not choose vintage crockery for after dinner coffee/tea?

Do you set the tables?

Yes!  When we do this depends on the venue.  Where possible we prefer to do this the day before the wedding to allow the bridal party lots of time to decorate and add those special finishing touches.  If, however your wedding feast will take place in the same space as the wedding itself then we’ll turn the room around as soon as the ceremony is over – typically during the interval for photos/drinks/canapés.

Can you organise the waiting staff?

Of course.  Here at Expresso we have a great team of experienced, friendly staff who take great pride in being part of extra special events.

Do you do the washing up?

It depends on the venue and location.  If you’re using crockery provided by the venue (at Hautbois Hall, for instance) then of course we’ll do the washing up – and leave everything just as we found it.  In this scenario the cost of the washing up will be reflected in the staffing charge.

However, if you’re hiring in crockery, cutlery and glasses etc then we’ll leave the washing up to the catering equipment hire team (who also make a small charge).

Some of our guests are very fussy eaters, can you cater for them?

Usually yes!  Generally speaking we can adapt the menu to suit most tastes – creating a special separate menu if necessary (for young children for example).  What’s really important is that we’re aware of all special requirements in plenty of time.  And if you’re offering guests a choice then it’s essential we know who’s having what, and where they are sitting – in advance!

Will you cut up our wedding cake?

Our pleasure! If you decide to serve your wedding cake as dessert please bear in mind that it will take a little while for us to cut up and serve the cake though, so you’ll need to factor that into your timings!

Will you serve our food?

In order to guarantee product quality (and to protect our reputation) we prefer to serve food that we have prepared ourselves. The exception to this is your wedding cake, which we are happy to cut up and serve.

How do I book?

Once you’re happy with the proposed menu and price we ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure the date. The balance is due seven days before your wedding, once final numbers are confirmed.


More questions about Norfolk wedding catering?  Please get in touch with us here at Expresso Café & Catering. .

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