Get more from your wedding or civil partnership celebrations with our tips for perfect wedding day catering.

  1. Plan ahead – popular wedding venues and suppliers may be fully booked if you leave it too late.  It’s not unusual for couples to plan weddings over 12 months in advance, so be warned!

  2. The devil is in the detail – don’t forget to order the extras such as a special wedding cake cutting knife and high chairs (as rare as hen’s teeth at the height of the wedding season!).

  3. Having your cake and eating it – if you’re serving your wedding cake as dessert, remember to allow time for your caterer to cut and plate it.  Above all, make sure there’s enough to go around!

  4. Children – if you’re expecting children at your wedding then make sure there’s plenty to keep them occupied throughout the day.  Remember free range children and waiting staff with laden trays can be a recipe for disaster! You’ll also need to consider what your young guests are going to eat and drink – rich foods and fizz aren’t necessarily a great combination when you’re just two!

  5. Free from – make sure you – and your wedding caterers – are in the know regarding guests with special dietary requirements.  The last thing you want is a hungry 11th hour vegan with wheat intolerance!

  6. Throw convention out of the window – you don’t have to have a formal sit down three course meal.  Popular catering choices this year were canapé receptions, table feasts and DIY desserts.  Alternatively why not serve afternoon tea, followed by a hog roast?

  7. Mix and match – if you’d like your wedding caterer to serve food and/or drink you supply then make sure they’re fully in the picture about what you’re providing and how/when it should be served.

  8. Be open minded – if you’re on a budget then ask your caterer for advice on your options.  It’s in their interests to help you impress!

  9. At home – if you’re celebrating with a marquee on the lawn your caterer will thank you for considering access to electricity, lighting and water!

  10. Extras – don’t forget to let your caterer know if musicians, photographers etc will expect to eat too!