With Real Bread Week approaching (21 February – 1 March) it’s time to test your loaf!

Take the Expresso Real Bread Week Quiz

  1. Sliced bread was introduced to the UK in which decade? a) 1930s b) 1940s c) 1920s
  2. What percentage of UK households buy bread a) 99% b)89% c)79%
  3. As well as being a type of bread, sourdough is also a term for a South East Alaskan.  True or False
  4. How many different types of bread product are made in the UK a) Over 200 b) Over 300 c) Less than 100
  5. The shape of a baguette is defined by French law. True or False?
  6. Gluten free wheat is used to make gluten free bread. True or False?
  7. Lavash is a) a bread cooked in the ashes of a fire b) an Armenian flatbread c) a fancy French roll
  8. An English muffin and an American muffin are the same. True or False?
  9. Sandwiches account for how much bread consumption in the UK? A) 80% b) 50% c) 65%
  10. White bread represents the following percentage of total UK bread sales? A)50% B)76% C) 82%


  1. 1930s; 2. 99%; 3. True; 4. Over 200; 5. True; 6. False; 7. An Armenian flatbread; 8. False; 9. 50%; 10. 76%

 Are you a Real Bread Week champion?

Ten out of ten? Congratulations – you really do know your bagel from your bloomer!

6 – 9 correct: Well done. Treat yourself to a Cornish split.

1 – 5 correct:  Never mind.  Console yourself with a sandwich.

Here at Expresso Café and Catering we’re proud to work with local independent bakers, ensuring our customers get to enjoy the best bread we can get our hands on.  So next time you’re ordering sandwiches in for a working lunch why not give us a call?


Further info and inspiration

Inspired to bake?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXV8mayG3W0





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Crumbs! It’s nearly Real Bread Week
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Crumbs! It’s nearly Real Bread Week
Real Bread Week is coming - time to test your loaf with the Expresso Cafe & Catering quiz.
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