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Today’s the day – the new nine-part Netflix Street Food series is available to download! If, like us, you’re a massive fan of Netflix’s Chefs’ Table – and committed off the beaten track traveller – you’ll waste no time lining up this latest appetising offering. Give us a street market over a museum any day […]

Eggs! Can You Crack Our Easter Quiz?

Happy Easter!  When it comes to eggs how do you like yours? Here at Expresso we’re definitely free rangers – counting our chickens on our feathery friends at Wayland Eggs right here in Norfolk. We get through a staggering number of eggs each week – what with all the breakfast muffins and baking we do […]

Fancy a food truck on your wedding day?

With the creation of more and more outdoor wedding venues it’s no surprise that an increasing number of couples are thinking ‘festival style’. And with plenty of stylists, venues and prop hire outfits promoting boho chic, it’s a tempting prospect, particularly for couples who pride themselves on being style savvy. So, you’ve booked the wooded […]

Crumbs! It’s nearly Real Bread Week

With Real Bread Week approaching (21 February – 1 March) it’s time to test your loaf! Take the Expresso Real Bread Week Quiz Sliced bread was introduced to the UK in which decade? a) 1930s b) 1940s c) 1920s What percentage of UK households buy bread a) 99% b)89% c)79% As well as being a […]

An eco-friendly wedding!

Why not do the world a favour and make your big day an eco-friendly affair? Environmentally-aware couples certainly don’t have to abandon their environmental ethics when it comes to wedding planning – and embracing ‘green alternatives’ really doesn’t mean compromising on style! From flowers to frocks, vehicles to vino there are plenty of environmentally friendly […]

December: time for wedding planning!

Stop! December doesn’t have to be all about mince pies and mistletoe!  You’ve got a wedding to plan and December is a great time to make a start.  From ‘wedmin’ to your wedding menu, we say make the most of December! And here are ten good reasons why: Start in December and you’re already off […]

An Informal Wedding!

“A really informal wedding, laid back, festival style” – if this sounds like your dream day then read on to ensure your plans don’t backfire! Firstly – it’s essential that you understand that however relaxed and informal you want your wedding day vibe to be, now is not the time to be relaxed about the […]


Are you enjoying a summer of love?  Can’t get enough of those sunshine-blessed, prosecco-filled weekends spent witnessing friends tying the knot in dreamy locations? It’s certainly a great year to get married – and as Norfolk wedding caterers we’re busier than ever helping happy couples celebrate their big day.  But at the same time, we’re […]

The Royal Wedding

Sherry trifle, egg and cress sandwiches, chicken supreme and fruit cake have all starred in royal wedding menus over the years – but what can guests expect on Saturday 19 May when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle? Well there’s plenty of speculation about the royal wedding menu – with chefs up and down the country offering […]

Vegan Tastes

January may now be a distant memory, but for those who adopted ‘Veganuary’ it may well have been a significant turning point. According to research over a quarter of evening meals in the UK are vegan or vegetarian.  And the signs are that the new wave of veganism is far more than a passing fad […]