We’d like to think it’s all common sense.

Indeed, in most instances event organisers and hosts are extremely considerate and totally focused on ensuring their event runs as smoothly as possible. However, for those new to event organising we thought it might be helpful to clear up a few popular myths!

  1. Your event caterer will provide his/her own ‘kitchen’ marquee
  2. A barbecue is a low-cost event catering option
  3. Event caterers just love it when arrangements whimsically change by the minute, on the day
  4. It’s a fact that event caterers are contortionists and magicians, so won’t need much space/access to water/electricity
  5. Professional event caterers adore sharing their space with the bar/family members/animals/cloakroom….
  6. Extras/children eat for free (photographers, videographers, band members, security, venue staff etc)
  7. Breakages/damage are already included in the cost of equipment hire
  8. Event caterers are qualified electricians, mechanics, conjurers, medics and social workers
  9. Refrigeration is for softies.  Event caterers have special ‘field’ tricks to chill drinks and keep  food in peak condition for hours, regardless of the heat.
  10. Event staff won’t mind staying on later then agreed/paid for – after all it’s a party!

That said, we love a challenge and enjoy nothing more than ensuring that events of all shapes and sizes go swimmingly!  With decades of professional hospitality experience under our belt we take hiccups in our stride!  So if you’re planning a party, whether that’s a celebration for hundreds or an intimate gathering for your nearest and dearest it pays to have Expresso at your side.

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