With the Black Friday mega-store-dominated shopping bonanza looming, smaller independent retailers could be forgiven for feeling a little overshadowed.  But worry not, it’s Small Business Saturday next weekend and as an independent Norwich coffee shop it’s a thumbs up from us.

Here in Norwich, The Lanes were recently honoured in the Great British High Street Awards.  Judges raved about the quarter’s 300 independent retailers, cafes and bars and “its ability to innovate, collaborate and adapt to changing consumer habits.”

It’s great that the national spotlight has been shone on Norwich’s independents, but it’s also important to remember that it’s not just The Lanes that boast a bevy of buzzing independents!

The aim of Small Business Saturday appears to be to encourage people to support their local independents – with research highlighting that for every £1 spent by independent businesses 60p goes straight back into the local community.

And as a well-established independent coffee shop we’re committed to working with as many top quality local suppliers as possible.  From our coffee to our meats, free range eggs, artisan breads and local cheeses we’re proud to shop local.  


It always makes us smile when people talk wistfully of fulfilling their dream to open a little independent coffee shop.  We know how challenging it really is – especially when every week seems to see the opening of another coffee shop in the city or the introduction of yet more red tape. 

Of course independent coffee shop operators will never have deep enough pockets to bag prime locations so we rely on customers making a special effort to visit – and for that we’re extremely grateful.

So, come rain or shine this Small Business Saturday, turn your back on the retail giants (even those masquerading as local businesses) and vote with your feet.  Start your day with a visit to an independent coffee shop and show a small business you care.

Turn your back on your local independents and the reality is they’ll go the same way as telephone boxes, post offices and pubs.  You’ve been warned!

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