Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party made headlines around the world – not least due to its EBYC (Eat Before You Come) advice!

With just ‘snacks & sips & dancing & dessert’ on offer guests were told to dust off their dancing shoes and ‘to eat before you come’. (At least they weren’t expected to ‘BYO’ drinks or take part in a pot luck supper!)

But this unusual approach to entertaining has certainly had top party planners scratching their heads.

Oprah Winfrey’s entertainment guru Colin Cowie said: “To ask people to ‘eat before you come’ is not the way I would have done it. I always think of the food. When it comes to making people feel welcome we give them great music, a well-stocked bar and excellent food – and you do it abundantly.”
Let’s just hope the snacks and desserts were out of this world!

Great Parties

Keeping parties within budget is often a challenge and there are plenty of ways you can keep costs down, but surely the whole point of having a party is to have a good time with food, fun and refreshments a-plenty!

Why blow the budget hiring an impressive venue if that means guests have to bring their own drinks and call at the chip shop on the way home?

Norfolk has an amazing array of venues that don’t cost the earth (some don’t charge at all in fact) – and are more than happy for you to arrange your own catering.

Here at Expresso Café & Catering we’ve helped people mark important occasions in all sorts of venues – from pubs and clubs through to stately homes. Some catering has been modest while in other instances it’s been rather lavish, but what was important was that in each instance guests felt welcome and well looked after.

Expresso bacon roll

Bacon roll

Perhaps Michelle Obama’s guests really didn’t mind about the scaled back catering arrangements but your guests might be less than impressed with frugal food! Remember it’s a party – time to be generous!