Wildlife weddings are the latest emerging trend as couples strive to outdo each other on their big day, according to new research.

Camels, peacocks and horses are reportedly bang on trend – with elephants merely missing out due to lack of space!

So here in the heart of the ‘do different’ capital of England, we’re wondering what the implications could be for us Norfolk wedding caterers?  Might this mean catering to an even wider array of tastes?!

With a reputation as drinkers, camels could prove interesting wedding guests (no point getting the hump if they take a fancy to the table decorations or the bride’s bouquet though).  Peacocks are apparently also partial to petals, while grass-loving horses could come in handy for pre-ceremony ‘mowing’.


Francesca Gibb, editor of hitched.co.uk which carried out the research said the main reason behind the surge in wildlife weddings was to provide a ‘talking point for guests’.

“It’s no longer unusual to see a dog walking down the aisle with rings attached to its collar, or for a bride to arrive at church on horseback.  People are saving for longer and spending their money in different ways.  This broadens the horizons of what’s possible with animal weddings.”

It has to be said that here at Expresso we’re an animal loving bunch and have had some memorable moments catering in the company of animals!

The big question for wildlife loving couples has to be where does it end?  If your best friend wowed guests with a ring-bearing owl then how far are you prepared to go to trump that?  And can you afford to feed an elephant as well as 100 hungry guests?

Now as Norfolk wedding caterers we love to be challenged and so can’t wait to encounter more wildlife weddings!  Canapés for camels, reception drinks for ducks or late night nibbles for a llama – bring it on!

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