From serious food allergies to fad diets and fussy eaters – it’s our job to cater for everyone.    And sometimes that can be quite a challenge!

Gluten free catering is probably one of the most requested special dietary requirements – and that’s something we take in our stride every day – whether catering for a sandwich lunch, afternoon tea or wedding feast.

And talking of special events, our hugely popular table feast sharing platters lend themselves beautifully to catering for all manner of dietary requirements.  Often 90% gluten free to start with, a few tweaks enable us to discretely adapt them to suit a wide range of tastes.

Writing in The Times earlier this month journalist Matt Ridley called for an end to ‘pandering to risky food fads’ saying that beneath the obsession for gluten free and dairy free diets lay a growing harm to health caused by excessive hygiene.  He said that where nutrition was concerned the line between medical disorder and dietary preference had blurred, adding that there were genuine medical issues relating to food, but they were hidden under a heap of fads.

And boy, did his views provoke readers!


Now as it’s Allergy Awareness Week we’ve been doing some research into not only gluten free diets, but food intolerances and allergies as a whole.  So we were interested to read what the NHS had to say:  Whereas a food intolerance – or sensitivity – is never life threatening a food allergy can be very serious. And this is what they had to say about gluten:

Many people cut gluten from their diet thinking that they are intolerant to it, because they have symptoms that come on after eating wheat.  But it’s hard to know whether these symptoms are because of a genuine intolerance to gluten, an intolerance to something else in wheat or nothing to do with wheat at all.  In reality very few people need to cut gluten from their diet, although it’s important to do so if you have coeliac disease (which is neither an intolerance nor an allergy).”


As caterers, I suppose our message is this: please advise us well in advance if you have special dietary requirements and rest assured we will do our very best to cater to your needs.  But please think twice before declaring yourself gluten free, letting us go to the trouble of creating dishes especially for you and then decide to go for the gluten-rich option after all (believe us, this happens…).

We know our food is too tempting for words but it never ceases to amaze us when ‘vegans’ revert to meat eaters and ‘dairy free’ guests tuck into rich cream desserts!

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