Let’s face it, it can be challenging enough feeding your own family, never mind tickling the taste buds of colleagues and business associates.  So when you’re asked to organise catering for a corporate event, it’s a task that needs to be approached with care!  Get it wrong and you’ll never hear the end of it!

They always say that people never remember what was discussed (at the meeting, conference etc), just what the lunch was like!  So if you’re looking for outside catering for a corporate event – be that a business breakfast, boardroom lunch, reception or Christmas party – proceed with caution.

Now of course cost is always important but when it comes to catering bear in mind you’ll get what you pay for! If it’s company policy to take the cheapest quote perhaps this is a job you might want to delegate in order to avoid the inevitable ‘feedback’.


So here’s our top tips for what to look for when choosing a catering supplier:

Flexibility – do you have to stick to set menus or can you pick and mix?

Availability – are they able to cope with early/late/weekend orders if necessary?

Nutritious – look for high quality, fresh, home-made fare

Taste – is everything!

Attitude – can do or couldn’t care less?

Special diets – happy to cater for special diets and food intolerances?

The experience – look for a quality caterer that’s reliable, personable, professional and punctual!

Invoicing – are they willing to set up and account for you and invoice?

Choice – do they offer just sandwich delivery or a full professional catering service?


Feedback – what did the guests/colleagues/your boss have to say about the catering?

Originality – just the ‘usual’ or something special?

Ordering – how easy is it to order? What about last minute orders and late changes? Minimum numbers?

Delivery – extra or included in the price?

If it’s time for a change why not call Expresso?  As Norwich-based professional caterers, we offer a daily buffet delivery service as well as catering for VIP corporate events.  Our regular clients range from small charities through to some of the largest employers in the county.   Why not take a look at our menus?

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